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musician&fashion photographer

Since her graduation from Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design in August 2012, Tsofit Barabi has been continuously honing her expertise in photography while expanding her palette through explorations in different fields. 

What began as simple act of capturing moments with her camera has turned into a skillful art of controlling moments and staging images. Tsofit was fascinated by the idea of creating a whole world in one frame, and that’s what sparked her passion for fashion photography. Today, that passion extends in many more directions.


After four years of shooting for various model management agencies, such as Roberto and Elinor Shahar, Tsofit launched her first long-term project named ATTENDING. 

ATTENDING grew from an earlier concept of Tsofit's around examining the connection between the digital space of Facebook and her own personal life. The key idea was that she would accept every single event invitation she received on Facebook and then physically attend each event accompanied only by her 5D mark ll camera and 50mm 1.8 lens.


As it grew and developed in Tel-Aviv, home to a thriving night-life scene, Tsofit and her photography attracted a new audience of individuals and local businesses. Be proud, OTTO Rothschild, We Work and Kuli Alma are only a few of those businesses that quickly became loyal customers. 


Tsofit's work as Kuli Alma's exclusive photographer further caught the attention of the art and music industry. For almost two years Tsofit has captured dozens of art exhibitions and live shows, and became an integral part of the local art and music industry. Today, her heart, mind and future goals are deeply rooted within the music photography field.


"LITTLE BOXES"/Bezalel's graduate exhibition/2012

"CAUGHT MY EYE"/Kuli Gallery/2017

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